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The Rhythm of the day in GardenSong Memory Care

GardenSong Memory Care

Awake to the bright morning song of the cardinal located outside your GardenSong room. The garden courtyard provides quiet outdoor space for walking or simply enjoying the outdoors. Guided by our program philosophy, GardenSong’s physical design and the rhythm of each day provides mindful integration of activities and comfortable physical spaces that engage the whole person by inspiring creativity, movement, curiosity, reflection, and participation.

GardenSong’s pivot point is its bright and spacious dining room that welcomes all who enter. Beyond the tables is where you find the French-doors that lead out to the secure and spacious Garden Courtyard. The kitchen smells will welcome you back inside for a cup of tea or ice-cold lemonade in the summer months. Open doorways on either side of the dining room will connect each resident toward their private studio, the warm living room or activities room, easily spotted just a few steps away.

Within GardenSong's secured living area, EastView continues with the emphasis on resident centered care. Offering a purposeful calendar to create a rhythm of the day that is appropriate for the needs of our residents dealing with the challenges of memory loss. Each day includes three self-paced dining experiences as well as selections from our signature programs. Days are arranged to start slowly, transition into activities that wake, stimulate and encourage movement, participate in curiosity-stimulating programs early in the day when minds are sharpest, and wind down with peaceful and enjoyable activities at day’s end in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

A smile, a hug, an extended hand, a compassionate conversation, and reassuring cueing.

Our staff makes a compelling difference in the lives of our residents and their families throughout every day.

GardenSong Floor Plan & Neighborhood
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EastView Memory Care Apartment EastView GardenSong Floor Plan

The monthly fee for our base level of care in GardenSong is $6,750.

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